Key Visuals

"Hero Art" for communication platforms & adaptions for various print materials

2016 Ménage à Trois Gold Chardonnay Launch Key Visual
Principal Photography & Computer Generated Key Visual Art by Ars Thanea Warsaw (part of syzygy Group)
Buena Visa Carneros Wine Windmill & Vineyard "Carneros Redefined" Hero Art
Communication Platform for Landy Cognac & (then) spokesperson Snoop Dogg
Ad for Geyser Peak Winery Sauvignon Blanc:  Wine Spectator® Magazine | April 2009
Creative for [ yellow tail ]® Tree-Free Chardonnay
Amador Whiskey Co. Teaser Image
#RoseAllDay Single Case Card "Post Bills" Art
3D Case Stack Render by Jeff Grunewald
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